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When Is the Best Time to Book Move Out Cleaning Services

The Right Time to Book a Cleaning Service Before Moving Out

Moving out of your home is an important step in life, but it can also be a stressful one. You want everything clean and tidy so that when the landlord comes to inspect the property, he or she will be happy with what they see. The best way to guarantee this is by hiring a professional to clean your place before moving out. Here we’ll explain when is the best time to book move out cleaning services.

When You Have a Strict Deadline

When you have a strict deadline, the right time to book a move-out cleaning service is when you need to move out of your home by a certain date. This could be as little as two weeks or as long as six months. If there are less than two weeks left until your lease runs out and another tenant has already moved in after signing an extension with their landlord, then now would be the best time for us to clean up the place.

When the Place Is in Bad Shape

When the place is in bad shape, you can’t do it yourself. You don’t have time to get it clean as much as you could. When you want the best results, we recommend booking a cleaning service to ensure your place gets cleaned immediately. A service like this has access to complete tools and equipment to do cleaning with ease.

When the Landlord Is Being Tough

If your landlord is being tough, it’s time to book a cleaning service. The best way to get them off your back is by cleaning up the property in advance before moving out. It’s best if your landlord doesn’t see any damages when it’s time for inspection before moving out.

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